Obsolescence & Obsolete Parts

Please allow us the opportunity to provide you with the best service and products available.

Below is a selection of the parts we can currently source even after they have become obsolete. Where possible we will provide a detailed description and some commonly used part numbers for you to check against. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Available Obsolete equipment

Type 1022 Radar

The Royal Navy employed the Type 1022 as an L-Band long-range surveillance radar. It’s a Surveillance, Target Identification, and Surveillance Radar.

Type 1022 was originally installed on HMS Exeter in 1978, and HMS Invincible in 1979, following trials on HMS Grenville. After a successful application in newly built warships, it was deployed in more units during refits, including the Type 42 destroyer and the Type 82 destroyer from the early (Sheffield Class)

Type 1022

Type 1802 Radar

Many ships were equipped with the older Type 965 and 992Q radar systems during the Falklands War. They were useless against low-flying aircraft that took cover on land. The 1022 modification made it easier to track low-flying, ground-hugging targets. When compared to the Type 965 radar, the Type 1022 has “much-enhanced performance, especially in picking out targets against a backdrop of clutter and interference created by undesired returns or enemy jamming.”

Type 1022

Type 1802SW Radar

Type 1022

Type 1810 Radar

Type 1022

Type 511 Radar

Type 1022

Type 711 Radar

Type 1022

RF Com are specialist is sourcing components for equipment that have become obsolete. Obsolescence doesn’t always mean your equipment cannot be repaired and functioning as new again.

Our major strength lies in the quality of the products we supply, these are designed and manufactured by leading companies within the RF and Microwave world. They will work with you to ensure an optimum solution when you are looking for products from VHF to Millimeter – Surface Mount to Waveguide.

These products are supplied to many companies, research establishments and universities from start-ups to multinationals. Many of whom are involved in the following disciplines:

Avionics Research and Development
Research and Development
Automotive and Transport
Space and Satellite
Calibration & Metrology
System Integrators
Universities and Research
Telecommunication and Satcom
Defence and Aerospace
Test and Measurement Manufacturers

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