Advanced Semiconductor Business

ASB are located in South Korea, they are a relatively new addition to the RF Com group of principles. However in the time that we have worked with them they have been very impressive in the level of support they have offered and during visits our customers  have been very positive in their response.

ASB produce MMIC’s and RF Modules for Mobile wireless, Optical, Cable and Sattelite TV, GPS, RFID, ISM, PTP Radio Link and Military applications.

Their products include, Gain Block Amps, LNA’s, Medium Power Amps, Wideband amps, Trans Impedance amps, PLL Synthesizers and Digital Attenuators.

The product range is up to 20 GHz, with testing facilities up to 50 GHz.

Recent additions to he range are X and Ku Band amplifiers at 2 and 4 Watts.

Asb 300x300 Px