Broadwave Technologies

BroadWave Technologies is a woman-owned small business. They design and manufacture RF and microwave coaxial components. Together, the team brings over 90 years of product design and manufacturing experience.

As an innovative, customer-driven organization that proudly serves the aerospace and defense industries, their products are found in communication systems as well as test and measurement environments. Automotive applications include components for manufacturing, testing, and validation. Their components are also found in medical equipment manufacturing applications, and their ever-expanding product line includes attenuators, terminations, power dividers, couplers, RF detectors, impedance matching pads, adapters, and DC blocks.

In addition to standard items, they have the capability to manufacture application-specific components without charging non-recurring engineering expenses. We encourage you to contact us with your unique requirements so we may propose a solution. Often, we are able to provide a solution from our over 2,000 existing models. Our team is at your service for future requirements. If we can be of additional assistance, please contact RF Communications.

Broadwave 300x300 Px