Intelliconnect is refreshingly different to other interconnect product suppliers. They use their experience and innovative thinking to tailor their services to each individual customer. They realise that every product is unique and thus requires a unique strategy and outlook every time.

The supplier of choice for many of the leading American and European Defence, Medical and Marine OEMs they have a Silver SC21 certification. That doesn’t prevent them from also working with smaller briefs and companies.

They are reliable, responsive and efficient from the start of an enquiry to delivery of the solution and have a passionate team who are personable and always available to help. RF Com and Intelliconnect work with you every step of the way to achieve a first-class outcome and results.

Our Goal is to have a quote issued within 24 hours and our combined teams turns new designs around quicker than anybody else (with no design engineering charge). Manufacture of connectors, adaptors and cable assemblies is almost exclusively done in the UK or USA factories so you know we’re providing the best quality. Intelliconnect has an outstanding record of providing defect free product with an on-time delivery record of 97%.

In short, our partnership makes our customers lives easier by supplying only the finest product and service.