RF COM and Micro Harmonics Co sign a representative agreement for UK Markets

I am delighted to announce that RF Com Ltd now have a Representative Agreement to promote and sell all solutions from Micro Harmonics Co. in the UK Market.

The capabilities of Micro Harmonics Co. enhances our existing portfolio of RF, Microwave and mmWave solutions we offer to our extensive customer base in Test & Measurement, Portal Security, Telecommunications, Scanners and Radar as well as our support of Academia Research and Development and Space.

They specialise in ferrite components for use at millimeter wave frequencies from 25 to 400 GHz.

Their components are the most advanced in the Global Market. Their Isolators have the industry’s lowest insertion loss by a wide margin and they have developed a full line of isolators optimised for cryogenic applications.

Their Y-junction circulators have the lowest insertion loss and broadest bandwidth in the industry. Their patented millimeter-wave hybrid circulators have an order of magnitude higher than traditional Y-junction circulators and are thus an enabling technology for broadband telecommunications and radar applications.

The whole Team at RF Com Ltd are excited about the future working with Micro Harmonics who have many more specialised solutions being planned.

Contact me for further information – 0131 4528777 – ia*@rf***.uk

Steve Ponton

Steve helps Engineers and Scientists to identify solutions for the design of RF and Microwave Systems and Optical Systems by listening to their challenges and calling upon his extensive knowledge of suppliers and specifications to deliver technical and commercial objectives.