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SpectraTronix become RF Com partner

We’re delighted to announce our latest partner – SpectraTronix.  They have a unique set of RF and Microwave development and prototyping tools :

The SpectraTronix C700 is a Modular RF System Level Development & Prototyping platform designed specifically to bring about speed and flexibility to RF, FPGA & System Designers. Allowing designers to test & Prototype RF designs without the overheard of integrating and troubleshooting different RF boards. The C700 is compatible with all major system level design tool, supports direct programming of its built-in FPGA & SoC processors as well PC control from GNU Radio, Matlab & LabView.

For educational purposes, the C700 system provides an unrivalled teaching tool for anyone within the RF/Microwave and Wireless sectors. It provides enhanced understanding of both basic and complex circuits, is easy to use and provides great cost and time savings.

Please have a look at the website for a full appreciation of just what the C700 system is capable of.