RF SPIN DRH370 Double Ridged Horn Antenna

The DRH370 is the top seller antenna for low-frequency measurement. DRH370 is massively used by many. With a high gain of up to 16 dBi and low VSWR, the DRH370 is suitable for EMC measurement, radio monitoring, and emission measurement....

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Key Parameters
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At a glance: Key parameters

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Manufacturer: RF Spin
Frequency Range: 370.0MHz to 6.0GHz
Type: 1.2 (avg)
Gain (Db): Linear

DRH370 – Datasheet

Frequency Range 370 MHz – 6 GHz
VSWR (avg.) 1.2
Impedance 50 Ohm
Connector N (female)
Power (CW / Peak) 350 W / 500 W
Polarization Linear

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