Anritsu Network Master Optical Measuring Instruments Mainframe MT9090A

Anritsu Network Master Optical Measuring Instruments Mainframe MT9090A


Mainframe MT9090A

OTDR Module MU909014/MU909015

Field Optical Testing Redefined

  • Compact – easily held with one hand
  • Lightweight – less than 800g (2 lbs.)
  • Modular platform ensures maximum return on investment
  • High resolution, 4.3 in. widescreen color display – easy to read indoors or out
  • Rugged, sealed design provides years of service in the most challenging environments
  • Several modules available
    • Optical Fault Locator – a unique, purpose-built solution for short fibers such as FTTx drop cables, MDUs, COs and wireless premise
    • Optical Channel Analyzer – specialized tool for the installation and maintenance of CWDM networks
    • Automated Ethernet Tester – a compact, full-featured tool for installation and optimization of 10/100/1000MB Ethernet networks
    • Micro OTDR (µOTDR) – a full featured OTDR for the installation and maintenance of optical networks in a pocket-sized package

Until now, the right tool just didn’t exist for technicians to quickly and cost-effectively isolate network problems. Traditional, dedicated testers did the job but lacked the ability to be upgraded when new technologies were deployed. Likewise, more flexible platforms were too large, too expensive and too complicated.

The new, palm-size MT9090A modular platform from Anritsu finally addresses all of these needs. Users can interchange different modules to configure the MT9090A as an optical fault locator, general purpose OTDR, CWDM optical channel analyzer or 10/100/1000MB Ethernet tester. Operation is quite similar between modules so the user is immediately familiar with operation.